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Distracted driving due to cell phone use has been widely discussed Terry McLaurin Womens Jersey , but we all do other things behind the wheel, as well. Perhaps we switch radio stations, put on makeup or shave, or even argue with other passengers. Although equally distracting, eating and drinking while driving tends to be discussed less often. Grabbing a cup of coffee or a bite to eat while driving only seems logical given our too-busy lives. Eating breakfast while inching along in traffic doesn’t seem terribly unreasonable. If we have to take care of personal business during a short lunch break, grabbing something from the drive through and eating on the way might be the only chance we have to eat at all. However Montez Sweat Womens Jersey , the reasons against eating and drinking while driving are the same as with any distraction: less attentive driving. When that hot coffee spills in your lap, you’re attention isn’t on the cars around you. If you’re hunting for french fries or trying to unwrap a burger without spilling it, you’re eyes aren’t on the road. Plus, eating and drinking can’t be accomplished hands-free; not only are you distracted, you have less control. No matter where you are or the speed of the traffic, someone could cut you off or stop suddenly in front of you. Considering everything else we have to handle daily Dwayne Haskins Womens Jersey , even a little fender bender is time and trouble no one needs. So, let’s ban eating and drinking while driving; that must be the answer. Ban it right along with cell phones, radios, MP3 players, and also other passengers and children, because children are especially distracting. It starts to sound a little ridiculous Da'Ron Payne Womens Jersey , but the issues are real for all ages of drivers. In an ideal world we would all have time to eat at home or enjoy a full lunch break, and we would take care of whatever business we have sometime other than while we’re driving. Yet that’s not how things are, and while passing laws to ban cell phone use isn’t necessarily outrageous, passing one to prohibit eating and drinking sounds frivolous, even though both activities pull attention from the task at hand. Maybe there should be additional penalties or fines for causing an accident due to any non-driving distraction, though absolute proof could be difficult. Can we get a breathalyzer for food and drink? Not likely. Nevertheless we all go out there and operate big Landon Collins Womens Jersey , heavy, metal vehicles capable of inflicting serious damage, and we regularly fail to pay full attention. Unfortunately, having a driver’s license doesn’t guarantee that we will always be aware, and even the most cautious among us slip occasionally. Maybe all we can do is educate drivers and, most importantly Alex Smith Womens Jersey , take the responsibility on ourselves. People seem to understand the hazards of cell phone use while driving; maybe we need to focus more attention on the danger of other distractions as well, including eating and drinking. We are supposed to be responsible adults, after all, and our wallets aren’t the only things at risk. It’s sometimes difficult to hunt down good insurance quotes. Compare several car insurance quotes and start saving. There is a lot of youth, fun and backslapping camaraderie on the third floor of the swanky head-office of the Axis Bank located in a business district in central Mumbai. This is the floor where the marketing function sits – many think it’s the cool team in the building – very much unlike what one would perceive a bank to be. All of which is a far cry from the archaic setup that the bank-brand was known as not too long ago. Now, there is a renewed vigour within the marketing team – spearheaded by the CMO Sean Taylor Womens Jersey , Manisha Lath Gupta who joined the bank last year, from Colgate-Palmolive. While many may wonder at the fit between marketing a toothpaste and a bank, Lath-Gupta is unperturbed. “At one level the customer is the same – but the role of the brand in the life of the consumer may be different as also the association with the brand,” she says. Establishing the Axis Bank brand, with a net worth of over RS 19,000 crore Authentic Wes Martin Jersey , is a challenge that is in front of the team, being manifested from various quarters.However, for someone who is new to the world of online gambling, knowing which the good gambling sites like satta number are can be a difficult task. Below are a few tips which will help you in choosing the best gambling sites like satta king over the other satta company sites. Do Not Go By The Popular Choice One very big mistake that many new online gamblers make is that they simply go by what is considered to be the best choice in the online gambling world. Thus, there is a possibility that the satta bazaar gambling site, which is considered to be one of the best online gambling sites may actually not be the best choice for you. It is very important that you individually evaluate the services offered by variousSatta Company sites and based on your personal preferences Authentic Bryce Love Jersey , choose a gambling site which will be able to offer you the kind of games and services which you desire and which will make your online gambling experience a pleasurable one. Look For the Best Deals and Offers There are many gambling sites like Satta king present in the online world and in order to beat each other in the race to getting maximum number of players, these sites keep presenting the players with many great deals and offers. For example, almost all the gambling sites like Satta king offer signing bonuses, many other similar bonuses are offered to the new players as an incentive for joining and gambling on that site. Similarly, many incentives are also given to the current players on the site, in order to ensure that they do not leave the site and join any other site. 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