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Getting the Most from Your Commercial Cleaning Service Business Articles | April 26 Byron Murphy Jersey , 2012To get the most from your commercial cleaning service yourself and the employees at your office need to do your part to keep your work environment tidy and clean. Here we offer some tips for you in this regard.You may have a commercial cleaning service come to your workplace on a regular basis to do cleaning chores but this does not mean that you or your staff members can get lazy or let bad habits affect your work environment. It is a very good practice to keep your office as clean as possible in between visits from the commercial cleaning service. Leaving everything for the cleaning staff to do is not a smart, safe or healthy practice to get into for anyone. You need to take pride in your office and you should never compromise quality.

To get the most from your commercial cleaning service you need to decide upon a set cleaning schedule. Come up with a schedule of cleaning chores that need to be completed on a daily basis, weekly Kyler Murray Jersey , monthly and also on an as-needed kind of basis. Print a copy of the checklist and make sure that the cleaner always has an updated copy. In this way heshe will know what work needs to be done and can instruct hisher workers accordingly in assigning work to each person.

Be as accommodating to the cleaning company as you can be. His or her time is valuable and so is the money that you are paying out for the work that you are having done. Do not leave dirty dishes and coffee mugs all over the kitchen countertops or in the sink for the cleaner to wash. Instead do your part and let the cleaning people get to their tasks in a timely fashion. You did not hire a commercial cleaning service to wash your dishes but to clean the kitchen. Make it as easy as possible for them to get to their work right away!

Your cleaners will have a difficult time cleaning your desk properly if it is littered with junk. Tell employees to keep their desks organized and as clutter free as possible. Remind everyone to put away files and to lock up private information in their filing cabinets before they go home from work. This is not making an assumption that the cleaners are not to be trusted but it is a safe practice to get into for everyone who works in an office setting and deals with a variety of clients for their business. If your desk is maintained properly then it can be cleaned more efficiently.

Most offices have recycling bins so make sure all of your employees recycle where applicable. It is important that the bins in your office are marked appropriately and that all employees are taught which ones are for which items. The cleaning business may charge you more if recyclables are placed in garbage bins and vice versa.

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